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Fizz-ical Graffiti

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Recycling is my last option, but the CabinMan has used it as the default option.

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Primary Colors: The DC Democratic Primaries

September marks our 4th anniversary in our home in Tenleytown.  Please, hold your applause. Despite the poor health of the economy in general, and real estate in particular, I would wager that my Ward 3 has remained as rock-solid and … Continue reading

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The CabinMan Confronts Paranoid America

Please – if you have the time this week – take a look at the attached link to an essay written by Richard Hofstadter, one of America’s preeminent historians from the 20th Century.  It is required reading for anyone surprised by … Continue reading

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CabinMan meets the Nation’s Triathlon

Nation’s Triathlon, Olympic Distance. Sept 12, 2010 Pre-race Highlights: Tri Gods were smiling on me: a delayed race start allowed me 30 “bonus” minutes to completely set-up and tear-down my “tri space” 3X before finally being flushed out of the … Continue reading

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Rest and Planning Day

Ran 6 miles on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. Talking a day off from running today. I biked 23 miles yesterday out to Great Falls and back. No clock, just spun the tires. I will top off this week with … Continue reading

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