Fizz-ical Graffiti

The CabinMan has weaknesses.  Too many to list on a blog, but it’s true – I admit it.  However, the CabinMan is willing to acknowledge, and in some cases even take steps to mitigate or remove those weaknesses.  Fortunately, most of my weaknesses can be overcome – or managed – through medication or meditation.  Which one I employ depends on my health plan – those deductibles can add up!

But in striving for a sustainable lifestyle, medication was not the answer.  And while meditation provides the CabinMan with some valuable insight, I discovered to my chagrin that sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and course corrections are inevitable.

 Here is just one example.

 The CabinMan has a weakness for seltzer water.  Now, I am not an abuser of seltzer – I’ve seen some bad cases — but there’s something festive to the spritz as you open a fresh bottle.  And there lies the problem.  The bottles.  They add up. 

 Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour

 Meditate on that for just one second.  That took about 700 bottles.

Though I recycle these plastic bottles, there are external costs: in hydrocarbons to manufacture the plastics; in handling and shipping bottles from distributor to store; and in the cost of recycling.

 My Mantra:

 Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.  Recycling is my last option, but the CabinMan has used it as the default option.

 As part of my sustainable birthday celebration, I asked for a seltzer maker.  It was sustainable in that we were probably going to buy one – celebration, or not – but it saved me having to ask for it for my Sustainable Christmas.

 You can go crazy looking at various options.  After noodling over different models with S. Efron, our sustainable seltzer consultant, we got the SodaStream seltzer maker.

Seltzer for the Masses

 We found one locally (!) at our local odd-ball grocery/pharmacy/household store called Rodman’s here in DC.  Better yet, you can add flavors – such as ginger ale, root beer, and even diet cola – to your bottles.  And the SodaStream flavors are made from real sugar, not High Fructose Corn Syrup which has been linked to the so-called obesity epidemic in America. 

 So put away the meds and meditate on this:  Bottoms up!


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