CabinMan Endorses Chris Coons for US Senate

With the Democratic candidate for US Senate for the State of Delaware, Chris Coons

Cabin Nation:

Like you, I embraced the opportunity to bring about change in our country in 2008.  We knew then the easy part was behind us, but it was hard to envision how difficult the task of restoring our economy and re-building our infrastructure would be over the past two years.  That task was made harder by the stiff headwind of Republican delay and obstruction. Their solution?  Go back to what got us in this mess in the first place!  Insanity, pure and simple!

Why wait for the Rally to Restore Sanity when you can get to the front of the line Fighting the Tea Party Insanity in Delaware?

Today, I am asking you to help elect Democrat Chris Coons to the U.S. Senate.  As county executive in New Castle County since 2004, Coons has demonstrated his committment to his constituents; he isn’t just “dabbling” for Delaware.

But the Republicans have other ideas.  They have staked the future of their party – and our country – on a roster of quasi-libertarian ideologues who make George W. Bush look downright Churchillian by comparison!  If they win control of the House and Senate, they won’t settle for repealing Health Care Reform– they want to repeal the entire 20th Century!

They could be choosing Jim DeMint as the next Senate Majority Leader.  Think about it: we’ll pine for for the “leadership” of “Mr. No,” Mitch McConnell!

Not if I can help it!

Chris Coons is not just important for Delaware; his race is a beachhead for the progressive agenda that has reversed the slide and is finally moving the country forward again! Just as Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts fueled the resurgence of the fright-wing noise machine, this is our opportunity to stand up and restore sanity!

But we can’t win this fight without your support.  We need to act NOW!     The peak GOTV effort is from TODAY through Election Day, Nov 2.

United We Stand – Divided We Fall


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