Gesture control technology has reached the mainstream with the Microsoft Kinect, but can Leap Motion disrupt the technology with their modest price point, or is it just more pointless technology?

Pros and Cons:

Organization Competitive Position

Using Porter’s Five Forces Model, how does the Leap Motion controller stand up against alternatives in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relative to those 5 Forces?

Industry Competitors:

Microsoft’s Kinect has resources and name recognition and is also entering the PC space. However, Leap Motion is compatible with Mac and Windows and the $80 price point versus $219 for the Kinect makes it a disruptive force in the gesture control market.

Suppliers / Partners

Asus and HP laptops and devices will feature Leap Motion’s gesture control interface and Airspace app store. This will expand the visibility and penetration of Leap Motion’s ecosystem for so-called “lean back” technology. The ability to interface with larger screens is a differentiator for PC manufacturers who cannot fully realize touch screen technology. Consumer electronic devices will soon have embedded Leap Motion technology, including Samsung televisions and Audi automobiles.

Leap Motion-enabled HP devices will come pre-loaded with Airspace™, Leap Motion’s application store. Inside Airspace, users will discover a wide range of software across gaming, music, education, art, productivity and more.” from HP to bundle Leap Motion on select products, incorporate the tech in future devices

Leap Motion sold via name-brand channels Best Buy and Amazon UK, making their product accessible to a wide market and mitigating the liability of newness.

Substitute Products:

Keyboard, Mouse, Voice Recognition (such as Dragon Software), and Touch Screen interface tools are alternatives to gesture control. However, Leap Motion is compatible with and augments existing interfaces at an attractive price point.


PC manufacturers, Medical, gaming, computer aided design (CAD), and defense industry sectors represent commercial customers. Integration with widely used Windows and Mac operating systems strengthens Leap Motion’s consumer usage and acceptance.

New Market Entrants

New gesture control entrants are on the horizon, including Intel’s partnership with Nuance. Expanding integration with consumer electronics and networking Leap Motion apps across multiple distribution channels such as Airspace, iTunes, and Amazon while further enhancing product reliability will enable them to establish their technology as the gesture control standard.


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